About Untamed Cowgirl LLC

Untamed Cowgirl LLC is an online business only that was created to share my love of western clothing, jewelry, purses, boots, home decor and western hats with everyone.  I am a small town girl who has found a love for creating and burning western hats. I decided it was time to open an online boutique full of western items and see where it takes me.

My boutique name, Untamed Cowgirl LLC, came from my recent experiences in life. I have learned how to live life "untamed".  Be YOU and be the best YOU that you can be, no limits....that is being untamed.  Find what and who you love, then live UNTAMED.  

I hope you find your "Untamed Cowgirl".....eveyone has her inside! 

P.S. Eat the cake, your boots will still fit!