How to Measure for a Hat

Using a soft tape measure, wrap it around your head making sure it is laying flat.  Place the tape measure where you would like the hat to sit roughly above your eyebrows, above the ears, and a bit lower in the back. A non-stretchy string or cord can be used instead of a soft tape measure; just make sure to mark it and measure it with a ruler or tape measure to find your head size.

Make sure to tighten the tape measure to how tight you would like the hat to be, this measurement represents the inside rim of the hat. This is the measurement of your head size.  You will want to purchase a hat that is that measurement or a little larger as most of my hats have an adjustable band inside. See each hat description for details on possible adjustment.

It is recommend to measure your head more than once to get an accurate measurement.

ALL HATS can have foam tape or layers of masking type tape put inside the back of the hat band for a tighter or smaller fit.